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European CF Challenge ’16

An impression of our latest CF Boogie in the Netherlands. 6 New CReW-pups were introduced to CF while the big-way was having a good time.

by Laurent Dreyfus
by Laurent Dreyfus

The yearly European CF challenge events started in 2015. The Euro Crewdogs have had two full seasons of CReW events now. The main goal was to practice for the new record to be set in October the 7th 2016 at DZ Teuge in the Netherlands. Weather permitting the program will be;

– 6 October evening, Arrivals, registration and briefing
– 7 October morning, Practice jumps. In the evening, first airplane formations flight in the evening
– 8 October morning, 3 planned record jumps. In the evening, spare time to fly the record
– 9 October morning, spare time to fly the record till Lunchtime

The CReW dogs are very happy that CReW is picking up popularity in Europe. After the 2016 Challenge the CreW dogs will continue their skill camps and CF Boogies in 2017. The camps will be held in for instance, Estonia, Germany, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands and other participating countries. The Euro CReW dogs are happy taking you up for your first CF-jump in the start of season 2017. They can be followed on their website

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