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Freefalling Upwards with GliderFX

The moment of ejection from an aerobatic glider at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus

The GliderFX team are at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus offering glider jumps for the duration of the Dubai Winter Festival skydiving boogie!

“It’s the most acrobatic two seater glider ever, ever, ever!” according to GliderFX tug-plane pilot Guy Westgate. The glider has a 14-meter wingspan, a top speed of 175 miles per hour, and can reach G-forces of +9 to -6!

Skydiving from a glider is a unique type of exit. You don’t jump, the glider pilot will ‘eject’ you and you begin a freefall ascent – yes, upwards!! – of about 100 miles per hour before gravity takes over. As the ascent slows, you experience a stasis, momentarily suspended in the air, before beginning your descent. During your freefall and under canopy Westgate – an eight-time national aerobatic champion and double world record holder – can come and play with some fly-bys!

“Only about 120 people worldwide have actually skydived from a glider,” says tug-plane pilot Ian Gallacher, “it’s not every day you get such a rare opportunity. It’s pretty special.”

It’s “one of the most amazing skydives I have experienced so far,” said Shavon Simpson after hers at the Desert Campus. Skydive Dubai instructor Laura Sadler’s glider jump over the Palm was featured on the popular People are Awesome channel and has received nearly 700,000 views!

The gliders will be flying throughout Dubai’s Winter Festival boogie from December 26 to January 5 at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus. Everyone can participate. Non-skydivers can go for an aerobatic flight and experienced skydivers can opt to be ejected from the glider.