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Ten Ways to STAY ALIVE

Words by Lesley Gale

Spectre 120 malfunction twists Hawaii
alti track

1. Loss of Altitude

How long does your canopy take to deploy? How much altitude would you lose in 3 revolutions of a spinning malfunction? If you have a toggle fire, how much altitude would you lose in a 360 degree turn?…

Loss of Altitude

2. The Two Ways to DIE

It's shocking when friends die. Even more so if they die from self-inflicted accidents under perfect canopies. How can we prevent this?…

The Two Ways to DIE

twists velocity

3. Three simple ideas that could save your life

You think you're a Badass? How well do you know your emergency procedures?

If your hands weren't automatically reaching for your handle(s) that's not good enough to save your life…

3 simple ideas that could save your life

3-ring with RSL attached

4. Dangerous Trends

Bryan Burke spent considerable time evaluating patterns in the USPA Fatality statistics, combined with three-quarter of a million real incident reports from Skydive Arizona. What were his conclusions?…

gnarly opening

Dangerous Trends

5. RSL, Skyhook or Faith?

Skydivers have been discussing the pros and cons of RSLs for 20 years. Dan BC reopens the debate with convincing arguments that it's time for a rethink…

wingsuiter deployment

RSL, Skyhook or Faith?

6. Don't FALL OUT of your Rig!

Why is it that freeflyers tie their leg straps together at the back? To stop them literally falling out of their harness when head-up flying. Zach Lewis explains and demonstrates…

Don't FALL OUT of your Rig!

7 Closing Loops

Surely, as an experienced jumper, you know the ideal length of your main closing loop? Really?! …

Closing Loops

PDFT cutaway!

8 I Landed a Malfunction!

We'd all like to feel we make smart decisions, especially about safety. I didn't in this instance, so I'm sharing my 'confession' to help others avoid the same mistakes…

I Landed a Malfunction


9. Prevention is Better than Cure

What's the best thing to do if you have a reserve ride in a wingsuit? It's better not to get into that situation! Rolf Brombach advises on avoidance…

Prevention is Better than Cure

10. When Should You Cut Away?

Shannon Pilcher discusses emergency procedures and cutaways, the concept of a hard deck and how to define this for yourself. How to make a plan for survival…

When Should You Cut Away?

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