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Wind Games 2017 - Are you READY?

Words by Anne Maxwell at Windoor Realfly

Windoor Women in 2DW
Windoor Women in 2DW — Image by Monica Quintana

The Wind Games 2017 is just around the corner, and it is shaping up to be the biggest competition so far. There are already more than 50 teams registered, with a month left before the registration deadline. 

Over the last 4 years, the competition has evolved into a unique blend of classic disciplines combined with funky innovations that have captured the imagination of the flying community and the general public alike. The competition will run the gamut from breathtaking musical performances to fast and furious rounds against the clock. A live broadcast will take the competition global, so, come and compete or sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

What´s New in 2017?


Maja Kuczynska in solo Freestyle
Maja Kuczynska in solo Freestyle — Image by Monica Quintana
The musical freestyle rounds from 2016 have been viewed more than 250 million times

In January 2016, Windoor introduced a new type of freestyle competition to the Wind Games. The concept included high and low speed rounds combined with a sensational free round to music. The musical rounds have been viewed more than 250 million times. Since then, the format was taken up by CharleWars II (without the musical round) and was adopted by the FAI and used at the World Cup in Warsaw in October. For the Wind Games 2017, Windoor will make some changes based on feedback from competitors at the WCIS. The competition will include 2 compulsory rounds with moves that lend themselves to high and low speed. The compulsory rounds will be without music. However, the competition will once again include a free round to music that will be performed twice.

2-way Freestyle

Guillaume Boileau and Leo Volkov in 2 Way Freestyle demonstration
Guillaume Boileau and Leo Volkov in 2 Way Freestyle demonstration — Image by Moncia Quintana
Windoor will be introducing the first 2 way freestyle competition in the world

Taking the concept of freestyle a step further, Windoor will be introducing the first 2 way freestyle competition in the world. The competition will consist of 2 free rounds to music that will be repeated. There are no rules for the composition of teams regarding age or gender. The idea is to create an open platform for freedom of expression in the hope that it will allow flyers to explore a new performance art in the tunnel with a partner and music. Routines could range from all kinds of dance styles to video game or superhero choreographic movements. The choice of music and musical interpretation will be a very important element of the routines.

Solo Speed

Cesar Rico, introducing Solo Speed!

The rounds will be fast and furious and with hundredths of a second between competitors

Windoor introduced the first 2DW competition at the Wind Games in 2014. With 24 teams competing at the WCIS, it has proved to be a very popular new discipline. For 2017, Windoor and their Chief Instructor, Cesar Rico, have created a new competition, Solo Speed. A lot of the top dynamic competitors believe themselves to be the fastest in the world, and this is their chance to prove it. The new format means that rounds are only 1 page (unlike the 3 pages for 2DW and 4DW)), and will consist of 1 line, 1 layout and 2 moves. The rounds will be fast and furious and with hundredths of a second between competitors, one bust could be the difference between 1st and 6th places.


4DW Windoor Team
4DW Windoor Team — Image by Vania Da Rui
Windoor is offering free registration for all teams in the 4Speed event

4 Way Dynamic is a spectacular discipline, with breathtaking routines and incredible precision and skill. Unfortunately, there are few teams currently training. The 4DW was cancelled at the WCIS, due to the lack of registered teams,  One of the main obstacles to competition is the time required to train the free routine. To encourage 2DW teams to join forces, and to encourage existing 4DW teams to come and compete, Windoor will run a variation of 4DW, called 4Speed with speed rounds only. For the discipline to continue, teams need to be able to test their skills in competition, not just at a world cup or world championships. Windoor will be offering free registration for all teams who want to compete in the 4Speed event. It is an investment in 4DW in the hope that it will help to revive this amazing discipline.

Traditional Disciplines – VFS, 4-way, 4-way Female

Hayabusa FS Open
Hayabusa in FS Open 4-way — Image by Monica Quintana
the goal is to host the best teams in the world

The Wind Games is unusual in that there are no junior disciplines and only AAA categories for the traditional events. It is not the largest competition in the world, however, the goal is to host the best teams in the world. In 2017, World Indoor Skydiving Champions in the following disciplines are already registered: FS 4-way Open (Hayabusa), VFS (SDC Core) and FS 4-way Female (France Female). The standards in all disciplines will be high, with some closely fought battles for the top places. Since the competition is not an FAI event, it attracts some very talented teams that are put together solely for the indoor events. The FS Open is a particularly high level event with several teams above a 20 average. In FS Open, there will be a very interesting rematch between Hayabusa and the new Weembi line-up of ex-Hayabusa member Roy Janssen, as well as members of the French National team.

Spanish Indoor National Championships

Hayabusa taking the gold at the Wind Games
Hayabusa taking the gold at the Wind Games — Image by Stikkos
Winning teams will be eligible to represent Spain at the Indoor World Championships, 2017

Windoor has been selected to host the first indoor Spanish National Championships alongside the Wind Games in FS Open, FS Female, 2WD and freestyle. A minimum of 3 Spanish teams are required to select a national team in each of the disciplines. For most of the disciplines, the competition will be part of the Wind Games, with the national teams being selected from a separate classification. The only difference will be a separate competition for 2DW. By providing a separate classification in this discipline, Windoor hopes to encourage more teams to register for the FAI event. Winning teams will be eligible to represent Spain at the Indoor World Championships in Montreal in 2017.

Sponsors, Press and Media Coverage

Lesley Gale interviewing Thomas Hughes & Niklas Hemlin for the Live Stream
Lesley Gale interviewing Thomas Hughes & Niklas Hemlin for the Live Stream — Image by Monica Quintana
Wind Games 2016 went main-stream and was watched by millions of people for whom the sport was completely new

Once again the competition will be broadcast live, with television commentary, interviews, action replays and panel discussions to keep the audience at home up to date with all of the action and scores. The Wind Games 2016 was picked up by hundreds of news agencies and TV channels across the world; including Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Canada, USA, and many countries in Europe as well as hundreds of online sites. The competition went mainstream and was watched by millions of people for whom the sport was completely new. The coverage and response has opened the door for competitor sponsorship from serious companies that have not traditionally been interested in the sport. The aim is to continue to grow the audience numbers and bring the competition to people who can enjoy the coverage in the same way as traditional sports.

VFS podium Wind Games 2015
VFS podium, Wind Games 2015 — Image by Stikkos

The Wind Games takes place at Windoor Realfly, Empuriabrava, Spain on Friday 3 - Saturday 4 February. Editor's note – Don't book an early flight on Sunday, the party is always epic! 

There are cash prizes in each event, totalling around 30,000 euros. Prize allocation per discipline is shown in the table below (after the video), subject to a minimum number of teams entering. If 8 or more teams, the prize money will be awarded to first, second and third place teams. With 6 or 7 teams entering, then only the winning team will receive the cash. 

Find out more or Register for the Wind Games here

The amazing Maja, teaser for Wind Games 2017

Wind Games 2017 Prize money
Wind Games 2017 Cash Prizes. 4DW is FREE to enter, with a prize purse of 10,000 Euros!


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