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FLY4LIFE - November Flight Camp 2016

FLY4LIFE November Flight Camp 2016, Angle flying @ Skydive Deland.

CAMERAS / Richard Scheurich, Gustavo Cabana

MUSIC / Shook - Tidal, Father Funk - Party People Mixtape


Claudio Cagnasso (FLY4LIFE)

Manuel Guevara (FLY4LIFE)

Luis Prinetto (FLY4LIFE)

Sharon Har-Noy (Joyriders)

Paul Ferriman

Luis Alfredo Lopez Mendez (Tribu Freefly)

Oscar Asfura

Matt Hill

Ryan Risberg

Tom Baker

Jasper Van Der Meer (ToraTora)

Kai Kai Buchholz

Anna Moxness

Roberto Hernandez

Antonio Arias

Kim Tornwall

Domi Kiger

Marius Sotberg

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