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Full Breaker Head Up

Video #14 in IBA’s ‘how-to’ series of Dynamic Progression; Head Up Breakers.

A Head Up Breaker move is completed once a flyer can successfully complete a full rotation following a flare move into Head Up Carving.

Before learning Head Up Breakers you should be able to perform barrel rolls while carving at lower speeds and Head Up Half Breakers, as a good portion of learning this new skill is using techniques from the short half Breaker move. The technique should be strong because when the speed of the tunnel is faster, any flaws in the technique will be much more noticeable. You should also already be comfortable executing Belly and Back Flares Head Up, as they are the best way to enter into the Head Up Breakers.


  • Start the maneuver by initiating a diving belly flare and then perform a belly to back 540° barrel roll.
  • The technique should be performed with your feet facing toward the center of the tunnel.

After you have tried it a few times, consider your technique…

  • Were you able to maintain the carve during the technique?
  • While performing the breaker did you manage to not ascend?

Learn more about the proper technique and preparation by visiting the IBA Skills page for a complete Head Up Breakers tutorial, plus 94 other skills!

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