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Skydive Antarctica 2016

Jumping over Union Glacier, Antarctica. Freefalling over the 7th Continent. 18 total jumps from Kenn Borek air above ALE camp. Head-down dock.

Jumping Penguins

Carol Peri, Angela Alley, Mark Allen, Libor Fryzec, Pavel Novak, Omar Alhegelan

Operational Penguins

Russ Hepburn – Pilot
Ben Quinn – First Officer
Adam Ungar – Photographer
Kevin Bouwsema – Time Lapse
Sajjad Dawood – Penguin & Plane Footage
Tim Hewette – ALE Ops Manager
Jennifer Bouwsema, Russ Hepburn, Belen, Adam Ungar


Above and Beyond – Sun in your Eyes

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