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The Innhopp Project: A Namibian skydiving adventure

As a skydiver your first jumps were something very special and a unique experience. Jumping at your dropzone and having spent a lot of time in the air you loose some of these sensations you had in the beginning.

An Innhopp is a skydive at an unknown location, knowing only the minimum information required to land safely.

This documentary shows you what it is like to do those Innhopps in the middle of Namibia at places no-one jumped before.

Even Rokne is the founder of this project and is one hell of a skydiver. He pushes the boundaries of skydiving and has his own interpretation what this amazing sport is about. This movie shows the first stage of this project and will go on further next year.

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Music Credits:

Garage - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

Let's Go Surfing - Joakim Karud

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